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Artist Interview podcasts hosted by BushrodMusiic Radio are an engaging means to learn about the independent music contributors playing on BrM radio. Listen wherever you usually get your podcasts, including iTunes and Spotify.  Check out the season 1 episodes already streaming.

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Did you know that BushrodMusic is an Amazon influencer? Selected products (including music) recommended by BushrodMusic earn a commission on your purchase, and may be purchased here. No hype; same Amazon pricing. These commissions will be used to defray the operating costs of BushrodMusic radio. BushrodMusic, and its family of featured artists, thank you for your financial support. BushrodMusic radio is live 365 globally, and is a licensed stream in the US, UK, and Canada. We're In It To Win It


Number 1 for Urban Contemporary Playlists

Did you know that BushrodMusic radio is on Radio Garden? Tune in Live 365 for the best in urban contemporary playlists hosted by Bushrod. Its the hottest mix show on the planet!

Independent Artist Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews on BushrodMusic radio are a means to learn about the artist behind the music. Learn about their influences, inspiration, motivation and more. Playing on a recurring basis wherever you usually listen to podcasts. Several of the podcasts are profiled here. Get the BushrodMusic radio App for more On Demand content. Its a free download in the App Store

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